Planning is a crucial component to every campaign. Developing a strong campaign plan is your blueprint for success. Your plan will include, canvassing, events and media all important components of a successful campaign. In order to enable you and your team to execute the various components of your campaign you must also have a thorough and robust fundraising plan. However, without money, your ability to execute the plan won’t happen. I wanted to share a few tips that can help get your fundraising off the ground.

Friends and Family – everyone will tell you, “start with your friends and family”. These are the people who will be your strongest supporters. Some will have the ability to give large sums, some will only be able to give something small. These are often the hardest asks to make, but if you can do this, you can ask anyone!

Where to find them?

  • Christmas Card Lists
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Your contact lists
  • Your friends and family contact lists

Go through these lists, I guarentee names you wouldn’t think of will pop up!

Who do you know that knows everyone? We all have those friends and/or family that knows everyone in your community or your district. They are the movers and shakers. Identify them, schedule coffee or a phone call. Talk to them about your race and ask for their support and their help in identifying people that would be interested in you and your race.

Former Co-Workers. You may not see these former friends and co-workers regularly, however at one time they were involved in your daily life. Contact them, tell them about why you are running and ask for their support.

College friends, Sorority and Fratertanity brothers and sisters. These may be old relationships, but many of these people will be interested in catching up and excited to hear you are running for elected office. Not all of them, but some of them will make a donation.

Fundraising requires finding people to ask and re-ask for financial support. Think outside the box, think of all the groups you have been involved with, and do some digging to get their contacts.

Remember, if you don’t ask, they won’t give!

Shelley Landry has spent her career developing non-partisan issue based coalitions focused on finding common ground around issues and developing strategies and opportunities to advance the goals of the coalitions.  She served as Regional Director for a member of Congress in Idaho 1stDistrict.  While there, she focused on constituent services, federal land and water issues.

Shelley has also served in a wide capacity of campaign roles while in Idaho. She served as Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party and most recently as finance consultant with Effect Your Cause, managing Idaho’s three congressional races in the 2016 cycle.