Do you want to run for public office but don’t know how? Maybe you are an experienced public servant who is simply trying to stay in touch with the rapidly changing political landscape. What is the best way to run a campaign? How do you deal with advertising, building alliances, proper business practices, campaign literature, candidate behavior, media, voter contact, and fundraising strategy? Where can you find well-organized, detailed advice on virtually every subject a candidate’s support team should consider?

One of my favorite comprehensive resources is Campaign Greenhouse. This team picks up where traditional campaign training leaves off. With a community of national experts and coaches, they provide coaching and individualized training to candidates running for local office. Their coaches use and online archive of tools and training resources to help candidates overcome their everyday challenges and prioritize their time and money. Their coaches have the collective experience and resources to craft and execute your message to reach the maximum number of potential voters.

“2019 has been a dynamic year of growth for Campaign Greenhouse,” said CEO Sally Boynton Brown. She continued: 

We have launched partnerships with Contest Every RaceNational Democratic Training Committee  Fund Hero  and State Democratic Party’s throughout the country and are getting ready to test a new Virtual Campaign Management program in Mississippi. We have over 100 campaigns receiving free support in our Greenhouse Community . Stay tuned for our most ambitious project yet, the launch of our Greenhouse marketplace at the end of the summer. 

For example, creating campaign literature is vital and complex. It includes color, layout, mailing, technology, message, printing, type, photos, direct mail, and sample ballots. Grooming matters. Candidates need advice on hairstyles, clothing, and jewelry. The Campaign Greenhouse style is conversational and features lively interactions illustrating the success or failure of specific approaches. They can assist you in maneuvering through the media minefield in order to achieve the best results.

Campaign Greenhouse is designed for down-ballot candidates at the county level and below as well as state legislative candidates running in red areas. The majority of Greenhouse campaigns have budgets between $500-$100,000 and generally don’t have paid staff.

A successful political campaign must have a clear understanding of their voting demographic.

It must send a solid message that is designed to connect with targeted voters. A successful campaign will use the right tools in order to spread their message to a clear voter base. Most of the time, such advantages are instilled in a political campaign by consultants such as Campaign Greenhouse that have vast experience in each service they provide. 

How great would it be to find such resources and experience at one affordable price? Any candidate can join their private Facebook page for FREE and receive support from the Campaign Greenhouse community. In addition, their diverse group of coaches provide weekly group coaching for a range of prices as low as $25 a month per campaign. The best part is that candidates can bring any member of their campaign team to our group calls without an additional cost.

Campaign Greenhouse coaches are independent contractors from throughout the United States. We have a wide range of experience and each have different areas of expertise and regional experiences. Our coaching profiles give you everything you need to know to pick the best coach for your campaign.

Does this sound like it would be very time-consuming? In reality, it takes fewer than five hours a week! 

Our campaigns each complete a weekly report, attends a weekly group coaching call and has the option to attend weekly office hours and ask questions online. All templates, tools and training resources are designed to save our campaigns time, money and energy.

What are the benefits of campaign coaching? 

✓ Teaches skills

✓ Fits any budget

✓ Saves time

✓ Holds candidates accountable

✓ Sets campaign priorities

✓ Tracks campaign progress

✓ Expert knowledge

✓ Provides campaign templates

✓ Provides inspiration

✓ Burden sharing

✓ Networks campaigns

✓ Increases fundraising capacity

Campaign Greenhouse has a team of consultants that offer a suite of services. They are designed to streamline your campaign and exceed all your marketing and advertising goals. Many of today’s leaders receive their communication, voter data and political polling tools directly through expert teams such as Campaign Greenhouse. Each of their services focuses on understanding the voice of the voters. They then help craft and deliver a message to which voters will connect. Their political consulting services can be customized to fit your individual campaign needs and goals.


Michael Strickland is an author and teacher whose articles have appeared in numerous publications including the Idaho Statesman, Idaho State Journal, Ridenbaugh Press, The Post Register, Idaho Education News, and Daily Kos; as well various magazines, websites, and scholarly journals. He has worked on dozens of political campaigns for more than 25 years. Michael is the author of more than a dozen books. He has taught various classes in Literacy, Communication, and English at Boise State University since 2008. These include several semesters of children’s literature as well as teaching English to 10th and 11th graders in TRIO/Upward Bound and in public schools. Michael is the publisher of, an online resource that offers reviews, analysis, author bios, and classroom recommendations for children’s and young adult literature. He lives in the Boise area with his wife and three children.