One of the things I love about Campaign Greenhouse is how, like us at PoliEngine, they’re working to help down ballot candidates get the support they need. It’s a big undertaking, most professional campaign staffers focus on congress and the big legislative seats. We knew there were a lot of seats they were overlooking, but had no idea just how much.

Looking at US Census, National Association of State Legislators, and Federal Data, we pulled every elected official in the United States at every level to see just how many elected officials there really are in the US. From there we broke it down by level of government and office. Take a look, and feel free to dig deeper on the PoliEngine blog post about this to dig into the data.

Bryan Eastman is a coach for Campaign Greenhouse who has worked on dozens of campaigns across the United States, from congress to city commission. He’s the founder of PoliEngine, a political website builder and communications company that helps candidates get professional quality communications for a grassroots price.