Political Coaching: What Is It?

At Campaign Greenhouse, our goal is to motivate and inspire good campaign behavior in our candidates. This results in sustainable, resilient campaigns with candidates who run for office during multiple cycles. Our past experience tells us that breaking through in red areas often takes a long-term strategy. Our coaches provide support to make each campaign a little easier, a little cheaper, and a lot more time efficient, so that candidates who are willing to make the sacrifice once can afford physically, spiritually, professionally, and financially to continue running until they get elected.

The rest of the world has coaches: executive coaches in the business world, life coaches in the wellness world, and sports coaches in our physical world. But the larger political world doesn’t have this type of model. The type of candidates we are helping at Campaign Greenhouse have been widely ignored and cast aside. Traditional political experts often make the mistake of lumping us in with campaign training or some sort of tech tool because we are operate in the virtual space. Some have expectations that we somehow operate like a campaign manager or consultant because that’s the only model they know.

Post-2016, we have more women and people of color self-recruiting and stepping forward to run for office than ever before, and yet our resource infrastructure and support structures have largely remained the same. Traditionally, candidates attend a day-long or weekend-long training and then head home to run their campaign. If they’re, lucky they can find a campaign manager or political consultant that they can afford. One campaign manager spends 60 plus hours a week on one campaign, or one consultant spends 80 hours of their time on a handful of campaigns. A small percentage of candidates with connections and personal resources can afford to build out a team and pay multiple staff to help them. Another small percentage have dozens of knowledgeable volunteers around them who are willing to work for free. The great majority of candidates have their own tenacity, a willingness to sacrifice their free time, and a desire to serve the public. Cue Campaign Greenhouse’s coaching model. Our scalable coaching model allows us to help thousands of candidates in a condensed time frame feel better and make better decisions about how to spend their precious time and money. We want to ensure that every single person who courageously steps forward to run for public office has a partner at their side to celebrate and troubleshoot the day-to-day successes and challenges. If you know of someone running for office at the county level and below, please share this with them today!

Under New Leadership, Campaign Greenhouse Zooms In On 2019

Washington, D.C. — Campaign support company Campaign Greenhouse has tapped Sally Boynton Brown as its new CEO, reflecting a laser focus on 2019 elections.

“Sally knows better than anyone why every election, every district, and every candidate matters,” said Campaign Greenhouse founder Kathryn Poindexter. “There are thousands of candidates who need our help right now, and Sally will make sure we’re ready to serve them all. Her expertise and national relationships mean she’s uniquely qualified to take us to scale, and her passion for smart, simple innovation makes her a great fit with our model.”

Designed especially for campaigns that are down-ballot, low-budget, early-phase or have a low chance of winning, Campaign Greenhouse provides coaching in campaign strategy, tactics and tools for progressive candidates and their supporters. Resources available through the service include a national network of campaign experts, coaches rooted in community organizing and local campaign strategy, an extensive library of campaign how-to materials and customizable templates, along with cutting-edge research, data and tactical tools.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Campaign Greenhouse,” said Boynton Brown, “Making it easier, cheaper and more sustainable to run for office is how we save our democracy. While the rest of the political world seems to be focused on the 2020 Presidential election, we are focused on electing thousands of progressives around the country to school boards and city councils right now, in 2019. I am thrilled to be a part of this revolutionary candidate support model.”

Boynton Brown was Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party from 2012 through 2016, ran for chair of the Democratic National Committee and was President of the Florida Democratic Party in 2017. She has three adult children and lives in Boise, ID with her husband.