Ansh Grover

Area of Expertise: General Consulting
Home Base: Miami, FL
States of Work: FL,MA,CA,MI,TX,IL,NY,NH,ME
Pronouns: He/him/his

Weekly Team Meetings: Thursday 8:00pm ET
Weekly Office Hours: Thursday 9:00pm ET
Campaign Monthly Charge: $50


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Bio: Ansh Grover is a political and non-profit advisor focused on building ground up movements that empower and seek to elevate marginalized communities. At the University of Miami, Ansh founded and led a variety of student and community organizations focused on bridging the health and wealth inequalities that affect so many in this country. For a year, he also served as CEO of TECH Miami, an innovative start up that worked with South Florida Business Leaders to provide support and amplify the innovative drive that students have to be community and business leaders. After graduating from the University of Miami having studied International Studies and Public Health, he served as the national director of operations and expansion of UAID (United Against Inequities and Disease) and began to become politically involved. Through this, he was elected President of the Broward County Democratic Progressive Caucus and served as an advisor to numerous local and federal campaigns focusing on how to build people powered movements in spite of the numerous obstacles. Currently, Ansh completed his graduate certificate in non-profit management at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA and continuing his political and nonprofit consulting work.

Advice: You are not a candidate (aka do not not think as an individual). You are a brand (your name in this case) that is tasked with the job of running an organization that will not only win, but also coherently represent your individual identity through its constant representation of values, vision and messaging.