Bryan Eastman

Area of Expertise: Digital
City: Gainesville, FL
States of Work: FL,TX
Pronouns: He/him/his

Weekly Team Meetings: Tuesday 2:00pm ET
Weekly Office Hours: Tuesday 3:00pm ET
Campaign Monthly Charge: $125


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Bio: Bryan Eastman is an award winning campaign strategist based out of North Florida. Through his decade of campaign work he’s managed dozens of races across the United States, and has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times. Bryan has managed campaigns from the federal to local level, winning unexpected races by approaching elections through data and innovative campaign tactics.

He has helped to elect dozens of candidates across the United States in traditionally red districts. In 2018 he won 87% of his managed general election races.

With a background in the tech startup world, Bryan is focused on bringing innovative solutions to down ballot campaigns using cutting edge technology to provide presidential quality communications and strategy to grassroots campaigns.

He is the owner and founder of PoliEngine, a web building, design, and hosting platform for Democratic candidates and issues.

Advice: The moment you filed you became something bigger than yourself. You now represent a movement, a better future. This can be jostling at first, but the sooner you get that the easier this will all be. When you’re asking for money you’re not asking for yourself, you’re asking for a larger purpose. Your communications are not selling you, they’re selling this larger purpose, you’re just a conduit. When you start getting attacked, take it in stride. They’re not attacking you, they’re attacking what you represent.