Jeremy Zegas

Area of Expertise: General Consulting
Home Base: Phoenix, AZ
States of Work: AZ,AR,CA,CO,FL,GA,LA,SC,WA,TX
Pronouns: He/him/his

Weekly Team Meetings: Tuesday 7:00pm AZ Time
Weekly Office Hours: Tuesday 8:00pm AZ Time
Campaign Monthly Charge: $125


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Bio: Born and raised in the DC area, and currently based in beautiful, downtown Phoenix Arizona, Jeremy Zegas is a campaign expert with over a decade of experience. He has worked at all levels of campaigns, from field organizing to campaign management, on everything from small, local races to large statewide candidate campaigns and ballot measures.

For the past three years, Jeremy worked for a non-profit, serving as a campaign coach and consultant for current and former teachers running for office across the country.

Jeremy is most proud of his work for marriage equality, both as the Deputy Political Director for Washington state’s 2012 ballot measure, and as the Project Director for Why Marriage Matters Arizona in 2014.

Advice: Start early. The most common thing candidates say they wish they had done differently is get an earlier start. Start by doing outreach to community leaders and activists. Make sure they know who you are, and why you are running. Be up front with your friends and family – you are making a huge time commitment, and will be asking them for money, so make sure they know what to expect from you on the campaign trail.

Be honest with yourself about what you know, and what you don’t know. Also about your ability to make a significant time commitment. If you have a significant other, be honest with them about this, too.

Raise money. Knock doors. Repeat. Repeat again. Try to have some fun.