John Thomas

Area of Expertise: General Consulting
Home Base: Philadelphia, PA
States of Work: PA,CA,NJ,NY,DE
Pronouns: He/him/his

Weekly Team Meetings: Sun 8:30am ET, Mon 8:30pm ET, Wed 11am PT, or Thurs 6:30pm PT
Weekly Office Hours: Sunday 9:30am EST, Monday 9:30pm EST, Wednesday 12:00pm PST, Thursday 7:30pm PST
Campaign Monthly Charge: $425


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Bio: Background and History of J. Thomas & Associates, LLc.

Founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2002, the offices of J. Thomas & Associates, LLC. (JTA consultants) a minority owned and operated firm is located within the heart of the City of Philadelphia. J. Thomas & Associates, LLC. primarily provides organizational management, marketing/fundraising, training, and business development services to both for profit corporations and non profit institutions within the region. JTA has created a niche in the market focusing on the needs of small to medium size companies providing access to both private and public resources/funding to assist in achieving their client’s goals and objectives. In 2010, J. Thomas and Associates launched it’s Performance Coaching Division entitled Coach2C.R.E.A.T.E (Causing Really Extraordinarily Amazing Things Everywhere) and has successfully assisted in the development and training of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals throughout North America. In 2015, StaySimpler Vacation Rentals was added to the corporate umbrella.

J. Thomas & Associates, LLC. is a Limited Liability corporation led by John E. Thomas, Lead Consultant/Head Coach and CEO. Mr. Thomas is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia and has over 18 years of public speaking, organizational management, fundraising consulting, grant writing, and instructor training experience. He has worked with some of the region’s most prominent consulting firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, personally directing some of their most successful campaigns and projects. In 1992, led by a desire to improve the quality of life of residents within the Hunting Park community, Mr. Thomas personally spearheaded the effort to successfully develop and operate the St. Simeon’s Community Center, a multi-service 501 (c) 3 agency, that served over a 1,000 youth and adults annually. Mr. Thomas has served in a leadership capacity on several boards/committees and is currently an active Management Consultant with the United Way of Southeastern PA. Campaign for Mentoring.

J. Thomas & Associates, LLC. has directed projects and activities throughout the Tri-State region. We work with community based organizations such as community centers, food banks, child care facilities, and community development corporations, as well as extensive experience with church and othis faith-based initiatives and campaigns.

At least half of our campaigns are for clients that have no previous business experience and about 70% of our clients had never conducted a major development campaign. It requires a different approach and working-style to assist an organization that does not have extensive business management or fundraising experience. With these types of organizations, virtually every aspect of the campaign must be built from the ground-up – including orientation, prospect identification, leadership coaching, and public relations development. We understand this market.

J. Thomas & Associates, LLC. has also carved out a unique niche in the industry working with local and regional manufacturing companies to develop comprehensive training plans for employees to help improve workforce skills and increase productivity. JTA Consultants current and former clients include but are not limited to:
 Alliance Remanufacturing, Inc. • Women’s Opportunities Resource Corp.
• Screenplay Computer Training, Inc. • Friends Neighborhood Guild
• Hunting Park CDC • City of Philadelphia Recreation Dept.
• United Way of Southeastern Penn. • Lana Felton Ghee and Associates, Inc.
• Nueva Esperanza, Inc. • Always a Positive Image, LLc.

We don’t strive to be the largest firm in the industry but we are constantly working toward providing our clients with the best possible counsel … with a value to match. J. Thomas & Associates limits the number of campaigns it works on at any one time. This allows our senior executives, the ones with the most experience, to be actively involved in the campaigns. This personal involvement leads to an extraordinarily high success rate for our campaigns. When clients need specialized services, J. Thomas and Associates, LLC. has consultants that we retain and pay to assist in these special circumstances.
Biography of John E. Thomas
John E. Thomas’ remarkable 35 year career of providing strong leadership, direction, expert advice, and general counseling within small, medium and large, corporate/governmental environments, is highlighted by a personal dedication to maximizing organizational efficiency and empowering others to succeed. The recipient of numerous awards, John has been honored with impressive accolades, such as the “Outstanding Organizational Leader Award” from the Hunting Park Task Force and numerous acknowledgements for his commitment to others. A sought after Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Coach/Consultant, his natural problem solving ability has proven invaluable as he expertly manages individuals, organizations and programs, analyzing a great deal of information quickly, and assessing complex, sensitive life and business situations. Leading with conviction, John truly exemplifies the “big picture” thinker, always having the foresight to see the long-term implications of a plan.

John is recognized as a visionary leader and change agent who firmly believes that “nothing is beyond your reach.” With proven success and experience in the Training, Management, Leadership, and Financial arenas, John is founder and principal of J. Thomas and Associates, LLc., where he recruited the top resources and contributors to offer a wide array of expertise and tools in professional and personal development. His strong desire to elevate people in the Consulting/Coaching, Training, Management, Leadership, and Financial industry is the inspiration for creating a national, centralized resource that provides expert guidance designed to lead to success. John is a proven C-level change agent with expertise in revitalizing organizations, building brand equity, and affecting positive growth. As a highly respected leader with a clear, focused direction, he has seen notable results throughout his career. He has been instrumental in corporate reorganization and restored client confidence by consistently delivering innovative products, services, and programs to maximize profits. John is an effective mentor and personnel manager who believes that “high achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.”

John brings a sincere passion for coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and financial analysts, real estate investors, and training professionals to recognize their capabilities and opportunities. By employing an entrepreneurial philosophy, he built J. Thomas and Associates, LLc., a thriving consulting company and a large book of business through the belief that he was accountable for his own accomplishments. This proved to be the cornerstone of the rapid, leadership-focused path he would forge with such firms as United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Historic Kennett Square, Primerica, a member of Citi group, Smith Barney Mutual Funds, Hunting Park CDC, and the City of Philadelphia’s Empowerment Zone. As a powerful and supportive leader, he overcame the challenge of “climbing the corporate ladder” in a traditionally non minority-inclusive industry. In 2010, he successfully launched “Coach2C.R.E.A.T.E (Causing Really Extraordinarily Amazing Things Everywhere)” his signature brand of Life and Business coaching services to a national audience of professional organizations, couples, and individuals. In 2015, John embraced“The Shared Economy” as a professional host of StaySimpler, multiple ShortTerm/Vacation Rentals in prime Downtown Philadelphia real estate market, operating multiple 3BR condos.

He learned how to leverage his strengths, proven track record, and positive communication style to secure promotions in organizational and sales management, as well as in financial sales marketing roles. Most recently, John excelled at Primerica, serving as a Regional Vice President, from 1997 to 2000. After leaving the firm for several years to pursue other business opportunities, He returned in 2007 was quickly promoted from a sales representative managing two associates to a Division Leader directing representatives in multiple states. He drove an incomparable growth rate at each team he led, with one exceeding highest revenue growth in its history, while doubling production in two years. He used his team building and coaching program to produce a 248% annual growth rate for a local branch during that same timeframe. While with this company, he was selected to design and deliver sales training conferences and workshops, including the areas of leadership, work/life balance, and methods for accomplishing results. From 1997 to 2009, he has been a stand-out financial analyst and business builder, as well as a top producing organizational manager/coach, financial trainer, and sales marketing manager for a five-star branch office in Conshohocken, PA. He was invited to speak at company and industry events nationwide, educating colleagues on his proven system that led to the coveted position as a high growth financial analyst and team builder. At that time, he rose to the challenge of being a community and business leader, while successfully maintaining a work/life balance that propelled his career to an annual growth rate of 45%, while still meeting the needs of his family. He was so adept in this area that he was tapped to teach others about his concepts. He launched his career as a financial analyst in 1997 at Primerica, where he recognized his talent for connecting with clients and driving production levels.

A large component of John’s success is contributed to his well-rounded lifestyle and background. He is an accomplished athlete, writer, and public speaker, as well as world traveler. His history includes living a bi-coastal lifestyle in America, riding horses through the countryside of England, boating on the Pacific, sailing around the Caribbean, summering in the Pocono Mountains, traveling around North America, hiking through France and Germany, and scuba diving in the Hawaiian Islands and Jamaica. John holds firm to the philosophy that “who you believe you are in business and life is who you will become.” John’s dedication to continual improvement and lifelong learning is demonstrated through his achievements in building a growing Training, Management, Leadership, and Financial wealth management practice, where his average account was $10k plus, and every year in the business demonstrates continual increases. His career is highlighted by maintaining an average annual growth rate of approximately 20%, with a significant number of years in the 40% range. John offers his knowledge as a financial advisor, organizational consultant, and coach, which encompasses many types of markets within the industry and beyond.

He is committed to bringing this same level of production to his colleagues throughout the country. By assembling a consortium of skilled professionals, he is confident this aspiration will be realized through his efforts in establishing and developing J. Thomas and Associates, LLc.. His dream is to offer that same level of expertise to in Training, Management, Leadership, and Finance, empowering them to reach the highest levels within the Industry. John attended and pursued his degree in Psychology at LaSalle University in 1995, and has successfully completed numerous Executive Level Training & Development Programs offered at University of Pennsylvania and Landmark Worldwide.

His commitment and dedication to community involvement is evidenced by the time and energy he contributes. A founding member and executive director of the not-for-profit group, St. Simeon’s Community Center, he later served on the Board of Directors and sat on both the Finance and the Marketing & Membership Committees. John was also a member of the Philadelphia Young Professionals Organization, where he connects regularly with colleagues, assisting in the attainment of personal and professional development.

John, a proud U.S Air Force veteran, is single father of 2 children and splits his time residing in Philadelphia, PA., Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA

Advice: Identify your “Why” for your candidacy
Gain the support and buyin of closests family, friends, and Core supporters
Commit to the process and trust that it will workout the way it’s intended
Get coaching/mentoring from experienced individuals with integrity & credibility
Identify a core leadership team with access to the 3 W’s (wealth, work, wisdom)
Create your Vision and Core Values with help from all stakeholders
Design a strategic campaign plan that incorporates actions consistent with Vision and Core Values
Plan your works day work your plan everyday
Be flexible and willing to adjust as needed
Find ways to enjoy the experience and have fun
Run your Race and be proud of the outcome
Acknowledge people for their contributions to the effort every chance you get