Kyle Haverback

Area of Expertise: General Consulting
City: Chicago, IL
Pronouns: He/him/his

Weekly Team Meetings: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 6pm CT
Weekly Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 7pm CT
Campaign Monthly Charge: $249


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Bio: I have spent over 10 years specializing in competitive district elections at the federal, state, and local levels.

– A typical consultant career path involves seeking positions on national or statewide campaigns; I have decided to grow my business by specializing in candidate campaigns at the sub-statewide level. They’re more fun and they leverage different skills and instincts.

– I have been successful across campaign functions (e.g. field & data, fundraising, communications, etc) and use data to set priorities and performance expectations. For example, if no one in your state has ever raised $500,000 for the seat you are running for, your total campaign budget should hew closer to your expected raise. I can show you how to get this data and how to baseline appropriately across your campaign’s functional areas.

– My objective as a consultant is to make the mechanics & best practices of running for office accessible and straightforward to you. The best consultants are not ivory tower gurus, they enable candidates and campaign teams to act powerfully and confidently in their own right.

I have private sector experience – as a Business Development Executive and Senior Product Manager – in both startup and enterprise environments. Graduate of The Second City’s comedy writing program in Chicago. MBA from University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Advice: 1. Do your very best to be available and present in each moment; people can tell when you’re really listening.

2. Build a team of competent people that you enjoy being around. It’s more time consuming and frustrating to not get professional guidance upfront. Seriously.

3. Commit to not internalizing anything that won’t help you grow as a person. People will say hilariously stupid things, friends won’t contribute, and you’ll make mistakes. It’s usually best to not take this stuff personally (as best you can).