Luís García de la Cadena

Area of Expertise: Digital
Home Base: Philadelphia, PA
States of Work: FL, DC, MI, VA, WV, NY, MO, MS, WA, AL, CA, CO, TN, GA, MD, SC
Pronouns: He/him/his

Weekly Team Meetings: Sunday 6:30pm ET
Weekly Office Hours: Sunday 7:30pm ET
Campaign Monthly Charge: $100


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Bio: Luís – and his cat-daughter, Anya – comes to us from the communications consulting world, and is a recent émigré to DC by way of Tallahassee, Florida. Having originally intended to be a career poet, Luís got his professional start in politics as a tracker in the aftermath of the 2016 election – he is now dedicated to building power around those doing the work of creating a more inclusive, egalitarian society.

He has a BA and BS in Creative Writing and International Affairs, respectively, from Florida State University – and is planning to begin his studies at American University this fall.

Advice: Always have your ideal future in mind! This is not just to motivate you as you face the natural opposition of day-to-day life on the campaign, but to ground yourself, your policies, and your message through a tangible vision your supporters can get behind. After all, most candidates offer change – be the candidate that offers a brighter destiny.