Roberta Thacker-Oliver

Area of Expertise: General Consulting
City: Pennington Gap
States of Work: VA
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Weekly Team Meetings: Tuesday 8:00pm ET
Weekly Office Hours: Tuesday 9:00pm ET
Campaign Monthly Charge: $125


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Bio: Roberta is a born and raised Chicagoan who has called rural southwest Virginia home for decades, with stops in Atlanta and Indianapolis along the way. One thing she has learned since calling rural Virginia home is that often times rural communities have settled for what happens to them. Through her efforts she has engaged community to find their voice. Rural obstacles are urban obstacles too, rural America just needs to use different tools to overcome theirs.

Roberta is a founding board member of the non-profit, Pennington Partners, who work in collaboration with the Pennington Town Council to boost tourism, civic engagement and economic growth in their small community. She was a 2017 OFA Community Engagement Fellow, a chapter leader for Virginia Organizing in her locality and chairs her local Democratic committee. Roberta is a member of the 9th Congressional District Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia and is the southwest Virginia vice-chair of the Virginia Association of Democratic Chairs.

One thing she can tell you is that grassroots organizing happens when you least expect it. Be there, be everywhere, and when people see you out in the community doing the work, the trust and respect happens by itself, by following these steps, being engaged in the community and her leadership, the Democratic votes in her locality had the highest increase in the Commonwealth of Virginia, November of 2017.

Roberta is very interested in helping the down ballot candidate, the person who is ready to do the work in the hardest places, because those communities need you the most!

Advice: Know your community, know their concerns! Surround yourself with people who believe in you and do it! You will be surprised how many people are waiting for you to run.