How It Works

Campaigns Plus Coaches Equals Magic

Four Steps to Cultivate Campaign Success

Thanks for being here! Whether you’re running for office, thinking about it, or helping on a campaign, you’re an integral part of our democracy and we are grateful for your service.

Our coaching program works. Campaigns who worked with our coaches earned an average of 16 more points on the ballot than similar campaigns. And, win or lose, our candidates are twice as likely to run again.

No matter your goals, budget or timeline, we have something to fit everyone’s needs. Find the tools you need to grow in a community of campaigners you’ll love.

We know you’ll love our Greenhouse community, and we have the tools you need to grow! We have something to fit everyone’s needs.

Library of Resources

Get your library card today. For $5, you gain access to our full library of tools, templates, trainings and resources from across the political world. Browse at your convenience and take what you want. If you find something we don’t have, let us know and we’ll add it!

Community Coaching

Set your own price and schedule by picking your coach. Together with a team of up to 30 other campaigns, you’ll have a weekly video conference with your coach. Check in on progress, get tools and advice, troubleshoot, and plan your campaign’s next steps for the biggest impact.

One-on-One Coaching

Schedule one-on-one expert advice at your convenience to dig in to the specifics of your campaign with one of our experts. These sessions are open to everyone for $100 per hour.

Step 1

Joining Our Community Online

Our online community group is FREE to join and super easy. We’ve set it up on Facebook, so you can jump in right away.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be part of a community of other candidates, campaigners, and professional campaign experts. 24/7, it’s a place for conversation, questions, support, and ideas.

You can crowdsource advice or resources, cheer someone on, ask for recommendations, celebrate victories and share challenges, join office hours with experts and more.


Step 2

Tell Us About Your Election

Give us some details on your campaign so we know where you’re starting and how to help. Start with a survey to map out the contours of your race. Set aside about 30 minutes to do this survey; the more we know about your race, the more helpful we’ll be able to be.

Then schedule an orientation call with one of our experts. During this 30-45 minute call, we’ll get to know you better, answer any questions about Campaign Greenhouse, and make sure you walk away with concrete advice and next steps.


Step 3

Choose Your Coach

This is the most exciting part! Our diverse, nationwide team of coaches is committed to your success and ready to help. Coaches are independent contractors who set their own schedules and prices, so in every price range you can find a coach who will be the best fit for your campaign’s needs.

Your coach tracks your progress, helps you set goals and prioritize for the biggest impact, and connects you to the resources and tools you need to run a stronger, faster, easier and cheaper campaign. In 2018 this coaching support gave our candidates an average bump of 16 percentage points on the ballot.

If you have questions or aren’t sure who to pick, set up an orientation call and we can help.


Step 4

Make the Most of Our Library of Resources

Our unparalleled Library of Resources compiles campaign trainings, tools, templates and other resources from across the political spectrum so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Access is free with your coaching subscription or you can subscribe separately.


What happens if I need more support?

Thinking you’ll need more individualized support?  We’re ready for you, with private coaching sessions available at your convenience.  You’ll have our undivided attention as we tackle your questions or concerns, take a more in-depth look at any topic, or review and advise on drafts of campaign materials.

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