Grow With Us

Build your business helping campaigns who need it. You don’t have to know everything, just care a whole lot.

Everyone deserves an expert at their side.

Our goal is to make it easier and more affordable to run sustainable, effective campaigns. Our revolutionary coaching platform empowers coaches to work with dozens of campaigns quickly and easily.

As a coach, you set your own price and your own schedule. You use a weekly team call to inspire and motivate your clients – small, low-budget, non-targeted or earlybird local campaigns. You use our platform and processes to connect your team with the resources, tools, and products they need at the right level for their budget and timeline and scale. And you have a dramatic effect on outcomes; in 2018, campaigns who worked with coaches saw an average bump of 16 points on the ballot compared to similar campaigns without coaches.

Together, we help campaigns grow.


Coaching dozens of candidates in limited time is made possible by the three legs of our groundbreaking platform: Library of Resources, Community, and Marketplace.

Library of Resources

When your campaigns need something, you don’t have to go far to find it. We have compiled political tools, trainings, templates, how-to-guides, resources, and inspirational materials for over a decade from across the political spectrum and beyond. It’s the only resource of its kind, and it’s available at your fingertips to guide your campaigns to success. Campaigns get access with their coaching subscription so they can browse on their own.

The library will never be perfectly complete – we’re continually adding content our campaigns need. As a coach, you have the option to create content for the library- trainings, templates, worksheets and more – at $20/hour. Over time, we’ll turn the rapid-response content our candidates needed into lasting tools that can be sent to other campaigns at a moment’s notice.


Coaches use the Campaign Greenhouse Community hosted on Facebook to interact with candidates, volunteers and campaign staff. It’s an easy space to engage in discussion and questions on various campaign topics at your convenience, and it’s populated with some of the best and brightest professional political experts to give your campaigns extra support. If you can’t find something in the library, ask the community for their recommendations. You are never alone.

Marketplace (Coming Soon)

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at a box of 10,000 campaign emery boards, you know why the marketplace matters. Carefully curated, the marketplace connects campaigns with a diverse group of vendors providing products and services useful to small and down-ballot campaigns. Vendors commit to quality controls and ethics guidelines, and work with us to ensure favorable terms for our candidates. As a coach, you’re welcome to become a marketplace vendor too.

Coaching Life

Coaches spend up to 5 hours a week working with a team of up to 30 campaigns who all share the same election date. During that time, you’ll accomplish:

  • A review of each campaign’s weekly report: what work has gotten done, where are their numbers, what questions have come up, what is working well and what is challenging them.
  • 60-minute team video conference call. Dive in on a key topic for the week, discuss needs, troubleshoot, set goals and priorities.
  • 60-minute video conference call “Office Hours,” where your team can jump on to ask questions and get more in-depth help.
  • Finding the materials your campaigns need from the Campaign Greenhouse Library or elsewhere and tell our content team what we need to build.
  • A quick team report in the online Community to give your campaigns a pat on the back and provide the materials they need.
  • Engagement in the online Community to drive conversation, answer questions, point to resources, and help the campaigns in your team help each other.
  • As time allows, quick follow-up with less participatory campaigns.

In addition, there’s a monthly coaching support call to cultivate best practices, identify opportunities and troubleshoot.

You may choose to spend additional time marketing your teams to maximize subscriptions.


Must have:

  • Experience working with more than one campaign at once.
  • Strong boundaries around time and availability. If this price point is going to work, campaigns need to solve their own problems when the candidate is freaking out about yard signs at 2am.
  • A bias for action; done is better than perfect, and something is better than nothing for every single one of our campaigns.
  • A heart for small campaigns and a commitment to our values.

We also like:

  • People with a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice;
  • People who can move at campaign speeds;
  • People with a background or interest in cognitive and behavioral science;
  • People who have gone through an online coaching program (fitness/weight loss, language learning, finances, career development);
  • People with connections to their home state;
  • People who speak more than one language or are literate in more than one culture.


  • Part-time independent contract
  • Decide how many teams, up to 10, that you want to coach. Commit to seeing your campaigns through their election day.
  • Set your own schedule for conference calls, online availability and any individual check-ins.
  • Pick your own tools for video conferencing and calendaring.
  • Set your own monthly campaign fee above the baseline $25 per campaign monthly Campaign Greenhouse charge.
  • For coaches with 6 or more active teams, additional benefits are available.

Ready to apply?

Please note this application takes 30 or more minutes to complete. There are four attachments that require signatures to submit along with the online form questions. Make sure you attach each completed form with every line filled out or your application will not be accepted. Once you’ve submitted the application, our team will be in touch to talk through logistics and next steps.

Email if you need help or have questions.