We Keep Growing

Building pathways to power everyone can access.

Guiding Principles

We have two goals at Campaign Greenhouse. At a lofty level, we want to help build a democracy where everyone (no matter what age, race, gender identity or expression, sexuality, physical ability, path to citizenship, education, employment, income, religion or lack thereof, parental status, relationship status, housing status, language spoken, et cetera), EVERYONE has access to the resources and support they need to run a successful campaign. We believe that knocking down roadblocks and making pathways to power more accessible is a critical part of a representative democracy!

At a more concrete level, we are focused on growing a monumental farm team of progressives who have the resources, experience and wisdom required to build a better America. Empowering a team of people to run great campaigns, and to run again and again. This is the way we change the balance of power – by making sure that across the country, no candidate goes unsupported and no seat goes uncontested.


Our Campaign Community is grounded in four core beliefs:

Lean into Loss

Winning is great and it’s the ultimate destination, but if we’re only running in campaigns where we think we can win, we’re missing some big opportunities. Here, winning isn’t the only goal. We’ll help you strategize about all the different ways your campaign can be successful and make a big impact, even if a win is improbable.

Just Start

Aim for completion, not perfection. There is no perfect time, no perfect candidate, no perfect message, no perfect audience. And striving for perfection in one area can hijack your time, treasure and talent away from real priorities. We’ll help you know the difference so you can set your goals, do your work, and run your race to the finish line.

You Are Enough

The electoral process is a tough enough job interview. Once you meet the legal criteria, piling on any outdated ideas about what kind of people are qualified or “electable” undermines too many potentially great candidates. You’ll get lots of opinions and advice about how to be better – good enough – to run. Whatever your story, wherever you’re coming from, we’ll help you be truthful, authentic and compelling. That’s a winning combination.

The View is Best on the Ground

Experts are important, but you are the person who is the most informed and invested in your race. We won’t pretend to know what we don’t know; our support focuses on campaign fundamentals that will unlock your unique strategic insights and empower you to run a race that’s the best fit for your goals, district and personality.

Sally Boynton Brown


Sally Boynton Brown was born into a working-class family in Idaho. While putting herself through college at Boise State, Sally juggled multiple small businesses to support her three young children. She has worked at all levels and sizes of campaigns from sheriff to State Senate, as a volunteer, campaign manager or as Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party, as well as President of the Florida Democratic Party.

An accessible, responsive, trustworthy and action-oriented professional, Sally strives to involve everyone in the political process. With decades of coaching experience and more than a decade of political experience, she specializes in developing activist capabilities and operational structure to build strong organizations.

Kathryn Poindexter


Kathryn Poindexter started Campaign Greenhouse out of the belief that building a better democracy means making sure that everyone can find what they need to run a viable campaign and hold elected officials accountable.

Kathryn is an award-winning political consultant who’s been working on campaigns of all shapes and sizes for almost 20 years. Just prior to founding Campaign Greenhouse, she was the Director of Political Strategy at the Analyst Institute, helping the progressive community share, understand and take advantage of evidence from field research in campaigning.

In 2016, Kathryn was recognized as one the American Association of Political Consultants’ Top 40 Under 40 political professionals. Born and raised in Colorado, Kathryn studied Philosophy and Women’s Studies at Tulane University. She lives in the Brightwood neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Jono Krawczyk


Jono is an innovative digital marketing strategist with experience at all levels of political campaigns. His specialty in cross-channel coordination and design proves valuable on a fast-paced campaign. Jono’s background is in web and graphic design, and he has also executed statewide social campaigns, managed diverse paid campaigns, and produced long-form political storytelling videos.

In 2018, Jono was the lead digital consultant for the successful campaign of Phil Weiser for Attorney General in Colorado. Jono also worked for the congressional campaigns of Joseph Kopser (TX-21), Frank McNeill (NC-08), and Tatiana Matta (CA-23) in 2018. Jono currently lives in Boulder, CO and holds a B.S. in Economics from Belmont University.